High Performance 1:1 Intensive - James Williams

High Performance Intensive

Hi, I’m James Williams, Certified High Performance Coach. 

This High Performance Intensive is a 2 hour call where I will work one-on-one with you to identify the barriers that are holding you back from reaching your highest potential and performance in all you do.

So if you’re ready for more focus, strategies to better master your mind, body, and ability to be more productive and influential every day of your life, this is for you.

My High Performance coaching session with James came at a time when I felt really overwhelmed working at setting my business up and juggling everything in my life. Since my session,  I’ve been much more productive, motivated and less distracted in my work towards reaching my goals.  I have a lot more clarity of where my business is going & what my brand is about, as well as what I need to do and who I need to be to get there.  James helped me realise that I can take action immediately and don’t need to wait to get visible and make my dreams a reality.  He really helped me understand the importance of being more present and living daily with purpose and confidence and how to access the energy I need to accomplish my goals.  James is so lovely and was a pleasure to work with.  He has such presence and passion and I really appreciated his follow up a few weeks later checking in to see how I am doing.

‐ Gillian Kennedy, Health & Lifestyle Transformational Coach

I signed up for a 2 hour intensive with James as I was feeling a bit stuck – I knew what I should be doing but I wasn’t always doing it.  I was able to identify what I had been saying to myself and doing which had been stopping me committing 100% to my business. I came away from the call energised and have been reframing what I am thinking by using positive language and questions rather than the giving in to my worries and anxieties. I would say to anyone who needs a bit of a kickstart to sign up to James intensive, it really goes deep and I left with an amazing sense of energy and action. I have done more in the last three days than I did in the week before. 

‐ Ruth Kudzi, Business & Mindset Coach for mums

High Performance Intensive

Register here and you’ll hear from my team to get you booked in for your awesome 2 hour intensive!

If after our intensive you decide to apply for the 12 session High Performance Coaching Program with me I will discount the cost of this intensive from total cost in support of you reaching your highest potential!