The Charge Sessions - James Williams

The Charge Sessions

Hi I’m James Williams, Certified High Performance Coach. On the 4 month Charge Sessions coaching program, I will work with you to identify your level of alignment and effectiveness in each one of the 10 human drives. This is a deep dive into your inner world and we get super specific by breaking down what drives us as humans into 10 human drives. 

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Working with James has been a game changer.  Before our work together I was often paralyzed by fear and overwhelm.  With the help of his insights, coaching, and high performance techniques, I’ve made friends with my fear and take action from a place of clarity and confidence.  He has an unmatched energy and enthusiasm that’s downright inspiring and infectious, and I always leave our sessions recharged and ready to take on the world.

‐ Erica Walters, Eating Psychology Coach + Nutritional Therapist

Working with James has quite simply changed my life.  Where before I felt overwhelmed and lacking in confidence, I now feel I can achieve anything I set my heart to.  I am astonished at how powerful high performance coaching has been for me. It makes sense for me of my feelings of frustration in not reaching my potential in my life so far and why I’ve found some situations so challenging.  I now feel like every day is a step into that potential and I cannot wait for the next challenge.  I feel I’ve been given the tools to turn any difficulty into growth. Thank you James for giving me the keys to my future.

‐ Jenny Prokop, Director & Developer


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