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I’m James Williams, Certified High Performance Coach

Certified in High Performance Coaching and passionate about developing mastery in health and relationships to support you in becoming the best you can be.

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Heading into my mid-thirties I knew I had more to give. I knew there was a more passionate, purpose-driven path out there for me to take – a path that was on my terms.

What I didn’t realize at the time was that I had been preparing for it my whole life. As a young man I was fearlessly optimistic, very chatty, and very curious. I didn’t believe that there was a problem that couldn’t be solved, and at the time that was perceived by others to be naive. That fearlessness of change was something that I was to lose sight of temporarily in my life, but proved later on down the line to be the attitude that would expand my whole world.

I believed anything was possible...

I was just 12 years old in 1991 and I remember so clearly how open-minded and full of dreams and possibilities I was. This was the age I adopted a mindset that was going to serve me well. I can hear my stubborn voice now, saying – “Well if you can’t prove it won’t work, then it must be possible.”


Hormones, hair gel and lots of questions!

No sooner had I found true clarity and how exciting life was that I fell into the teenage years. I still questioned the norm and had a quiet confidence that my life would turn out great. However, my grades and my lack of direction were trying to tell me – along with everyone else – that I needed to wake up!

I didn’t know where I was going to fit in.


Decisions and new friends

I broke my wrist halfway through a two-year course in college. It was enough to force me to make a decision due to the fact that two of my three courses required the use of my broken hand.

I chose to stay back a year. My friends all went to university and I adopted a another year of friendships and time to figure out my next step.



Let me introduce myself...to myself.

I graduated  from University with honours in Graphic Design and Advertising. I had made a connection who worked at a major TV broadcaster and I was keeping in touch with him. First, I had to find out who I was. I worked a summer job, saved up some money and with help from my Dad who bought my ticket, I jumped on a plane to the other side of the world to Australia for seven months. 

If I learnt one thing from that trip it was this – I love people!


Started a career in television

I took the opportunity to meet with a senior creative leader at a major British broadcaster only to find out they had no jobs going. So I proceeded to persuade him to let me come in for free and help out, with the promise of my tea-making skills. A few months of learning from as many people as I could and making friends, I was offered a job.
June 2003

Held a lecture at my old university

I was invited to the university were I got my degree to talk to the students about life after university. This was totally separate from my career and yet I got so much from talking and sharing my perspective with the students. A few years later I was invited back again and jumped at the chance.
Sep 2005

I met the love of my life

Our first date was on a hot summer day in London, and I did what I do best and talked her ear off. Luckily it didn’t put her off and we had our second date the next night.
Aug 2011

When you know...you know!

I took Emily on a date around the area of our first date and had a question for her waiting on the Millennium Bridge.
Feb 2012

The best month

Our amazing families made it possible for us to have two weddings so that we could celebrate with our families from both sides of the Atlantic – in London and Columbus.
Dec 2012

Something shifted

Seeing Emily’s ambitions start to come to life made me look at my own career and the lack of passion I was feeling for it.
Jul 2014

I hired a coach

I hired a coach to support me in my next move into coaching and entrepreneurship. He lit a fire under me that woke me up!
Jan 2015

The Charge

I was listening to Brendon Burchard’s audio book, The Charge, on my journey to and from work, and that is when my I found my passion for change and decided I had so much more in the tank!

I left my career in TV

I was 12 years into my career as a television designer and visual effects artist but I felt lost and unhappy in what externally looked like a great career with great prospects. The problem was those prospects didn’t excite me. I was done with feeling like I had reached my limit, feeling small and maxed out. My attitude toward change had to change. I had rediscovered a passion for personal development and people so I was going to pursue a career in coaching and join Emily as a partner in I Heart My Life.
Apr 2015

Working together

Emily and I marked our new chapter as business partners with a trip to Paris for our first photoshoot together.
May 2015

Took calls from the entrepreneurs in our program

I made myself available to the ladies on our group program who wanted a male perspective on life as a new entrepreneur and dealing with the pressures of loved ones who didn’t support their courageous decisions to jump ship on their corporate jobs to pursue their dreams of entrepreneurship.
May 2015

Hosted first teleclass

I was a husband inspired into action by his wife, and I was aware that there were concerned husbands and family members out there who didn’t understand their loved ones’ ambitions. This puts pressures on relationships, and so I felt inspired to host a group call on this topic for those who wanted to attend.
May 2015

Experts Academy

I studied Brendon Burchard’s Experts Academy and went to San Jose California for the live 4-day training event.

Sep 2015

I Heart Coaching Program

Emily and I launched the first round of our then new program, I Heart Coaching, for female entrepreneurs where I ran monthly teleclasses and coached the VIP members of the program. It was a landmark $250k launch.

Oct 2015

High Performance Academy: Masters Course

I studied Brendon Burchard’s High Performance Academy: Master Course and found the direction of my passion for coaching.

Nov 2015

Transitioned into Life and Performance Coaching

My calls with the ladies on our group programs had become an option for the VIP track. I was supporting them with their mental and physical performance as entrepreneurs.

Dec 2015

Celebrated a Successful 18 Months

The business made seven-figures in the first 18 months. We celebrated with friends in Vail and extended our stay for two weeks to work from our laptops. #DREAMLIFE

Jan 2016

Certified High Performance Coach

After studying for the past year, coaching one on one and on our group programs I was Certified as one of only 300 High Performance Coaches in the world.

Apr 2016

Launched High Performance Coaching Program

Our group program members were the first to get the opportunity to go through my one on one High Performance Coaching Program.

May 2016

Dream home

With both of us now working from home, we realized that where we live, the vibe and the area was important and so we moved into a dream home in London.

Jun 2016

Brendon Burchard's Mastermind

After attending the High Performance Academy Live event in San Diego and connecting with some incredible entrepreneurs, Emily and I invested in Brendon’s top level mastermind. #AMBITIONUPGRADE
Oct 2016

My purpose


pen to growth

esponsbile for myself, respectful of others

nthusiastically in pursuit of my dreams

To be a consistent presence of vibrant compassionate energy in my relationship with myself, my loved ones and everyone I am blessed to reach by continuing to learn, succeed and share in order to inspire the world to dream bigger, believe more and punch past their targets. 



James was certified as a High Performance Coach through Brendon Burchard’s  High Performance Institute’s Certified High Performance Coaching Program in April 2016.


What is High Performance Coaching?

James works with entrepreneurs to reach their highest levels of performance and potential in everything they do. He focuses on specific systems, tools and habits around concepts such as Productivity, Influence, Energy, Courage and Clarity. James will typically explore how clear you feel about your overall life and goals; whether or not you have the physical energy or mental stamina to perform at your best; how confident and bold you are showing up in the world; what distractions or poor habits cause you to fall off course, and routines that can keep you on track; and finally what you can do to better influence, lead and inspire. You will discover new beliefs, habits and tools that will help you join the world’s most successful people.